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ARIZONA CIRCLE TOURS (ACT) is a marketing affiliation of member hotels and attractions. Fly-Drive packages and direct booking of individual member's properties or attractions are offered. Representation is provided for ACT members at Domestic and International Trade Shows as well as promoting the members with specifically targeted sales calls to International Tour Operators.
Leads generated from Trade Shows and Sales Calls are compiled and provided exclusively for the ACT members at the conclusion of the Trade Show and/or sales blitz. Urgent leads are emailed directly to the member concerned to take advantage of immediate enquiries from the operators.

The purpose of this site is to advertise the members and provide another direct link to the memberís site where bookings can be made.

TOUR ITINERARIES are presented to demonstrate popular destinations and tour routings. You will see property photos, locator maps for properties and attractions and photos of attractions in addition to day-by-day travel narratives.