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Sedona Sacred (Vortex) Journey
Total Number of Days: 0
Class of Tour: Moderate

Tour Comments:
This journey includes the Sedona Explorer but its intention is to take you into the land so the land may come into you. In the beat of the drum or the pulse of the wind, hear the ancestral voices of rock & people: come home. There is a great circle in the Southwest Colorado Plateau region into which many are now being called. They were also called hundreds of years ago. To this day the Hopis sit at the center of an ancient migrational cross within that circle. Sedona is not only within this circle but is one of the most powerful gate ways. It is not an accident that you are here now or on your way. And like so many others, is it a homecoming? The earth is alive and in Sedona she speaks loud and clear: come home. Sedona is a place where we are still creating our own mythology! We explore areas known as vortexes or sacred sites and discuss sacred land concepts from Native American, metaphysical and sacred geometry perspectives. We spend time on Cathedral Rock letting her radiant presence and spires inspire us. Connect with the energies of nature in an intuitvely guided shamanic journey to help you gain the insights you need at this time. We'll cover a lot of areas in the comfort of a luxury van and give you many ideas for self-exploration of the land and human resources. 4 Hours.

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Day 1
Sedona, AZ
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