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Golden Sunset Dinner TrainOakdale, CA
All year long, the Golden Sunset Dinner Train offers a variety of dinner, brunch, dance, murder mystery and kids trips from the Central Valley to the Sierra Foothills. The sound of the "Steward's Chime" signals "all aboard." Your host leads the way to your reserved seat. Two quick whistles and we're on our way. Passing the outskirts of Oakdale, "Cowboy Capital of the World" the track winds past orchards, and starts a quick climb up Sand Hill to the cattle country of eastern Stanislaus County. Enjoy your entrée as we pass the lost town of Occidental, only a memory now. We continue through miles of unspoiled rangeland to our trips' mid-point at Cooperstown. The time for a delectable dessert is close at hand, as the train whistles off on its westward journey back to Sierra's Station