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Tombstone Courthouse State Historic ParkTombstone, AZ
The Tombstone Courthouse was the first Cochise County Courthouse. It was built in 1882 after Cochise County split off from Pima County in 1881. Tombstone was chosen as the county seat because it was the largest town in the county with a population of about 8 to 10 thousand people. The building served as the Cochise County Courthouse until 1929 when the county seat was moved to Bisbee where it remains today. Some of the most notorious criminal cases were tried in the courthouse during Arizona's territorial period. In 1959, after many years of non-use, the courthouse was placed in the state park system as a historical site. The state then restored and opened it as a State Historic Park. The courthouse presently houses a multitude of displays of past life in Cochise County including ranching, mining, and gambling. The professional staff at Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park provides visitors with fact-based interpretations of the history of the area. See for yourself!