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Grand Canyon HelicoptersGrand Canyon, AZ
Ancient sandstone. Wind-ravaged ravines. Twisted junipers and hardy cedar trees. Vast mesas. Whitewater rapids. Secluded arroyos. Grand Canyon Helicopters invites you to go beyond the ordinary to experience the Grand Canyon's ever changing gradeur, an experience of a lifetime. "The Majestic", a thirty minute flight, explores the central corridor of the canyon, the widest and deepest section of this 277-mile wonder of immense buttes and deep gorges. You'll almost hear the roar of the mighty Colorado river. "The Canyon Granduer", a 40 minute flight, sweeps low across the Canyon's vastness where you glimpse the mysteries of its hidden corners and spectacular side canyons. "The Grand Kingdom". This 50 minute flight offers a glimpse of the canyon rarely seen. Youšll soar past spectacular side canyons, monumental arches and hidden corners. This, the king of all tours, offers sights of such magnificence and beauty, it will take your breath away.